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Whether you’ve traveled 18 hours internationally or 1 hour on a domestic flight… no one wants to worry about transportation to and from the airport. For anyone who has traveled to Hanoi before, you know that this can be an issue.

Getting to/from Hanoi: What to Look Out For

The drive from Noi Bai airport into Hanoi can take anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on traffic and your final destination. Adding to the extended travel time is the worry about cost and safety when getting there. Unfortunately, not all transportation options are entirely safe, dependable or trustworthy. Between careless drivers paying more attention to their cell phones than oncoming buses, complete uncertainty with the location of your hotel and taxi meter scams (which are upsettingly frequent in the city), guests coming into Hanoi can have quite the harrowing experience.

That’s where Hanoi Airport Transfer comes into play!

Safe, Reliable, Low-Cost Transportation

Hanoi Airport Transfer offers you a safe, dependable and economical way to reach Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport (and vice versa). Our drivers are highly trained and observe safety first, our vehicles are brand new with state of the art safety features and our prices are the absolute best in the industry… you will never find a taxi company that can offer you the same price as ours!!

Offering 4, 7 and 16 seat vehicles, Hanoi Airport Transfer has everything you need for a comfortable and efficient ride to and from Noi Bai Airport. Simply contact us ahead of time with the appropriate information (your name, the amount of people in your party, flight arrival/departure time, flight number and hotel/location) and leave the rest to us!

Instead of having to worry about finding a reliable taxi driver or battling scammed taxi meters, contact our transport service and there will be someone ready and waiting to assist you. Our transportation fares are not only the best in the city, but they are also set prices, agreed upon before you arrive- so you know how much the ride will cost and there are no surprising fees!

While driving to and from the airport may seem like a trivial matter, it can have a huge effect on the way you start or finish your vacation/business trip. If you come into the city and are suddenly faced with a scam, a driver who is uncertain as to where you’re going or, even worse, an unsafe driver- it can have a lasting effect on your entire trip. Leave your travel logistics to the local experts and free yourself from unnecessary travel concerns!

Book with Hanoi Airport Taxi, you’re guaranteed to be happy with the service!

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