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The Foundations of Hanoi Airport Taxi

In a country ripe with transportation services and grand taxi fleets, one might question why something such as Hanoi Airport Taxi may have been founded. While tourists will never have a hard time finding basic transport to and from their desired northern Vietnam destinations, they will, however, have a difficult time finding transportation that is consistently reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Any one who has visited Hanoi and the surrounding regions previously is far too aware of the tricks and dishonesty that circles around transportation. Even for local expatriates working in Hanoi for many years, they are often faced with the ever-present annoyance of the broken or scammed meter. As Hanoi business owners ourselves, we are entirely sick of tourists and locals being taken advantage of during their time in the city. A strong desire to promote northern tourism and a wish (and need) to provide transportation that is totally worry free- that was the founding basis for Hanoi Airport Taxi.

Vietnam was once synonymous with kind, hospitable locals who were always looking out for tourists and new visitors. Years of growing tourism, expanding infrastructure and competing companies and a lost sight of traditional Vietnamese hospitality have all turned some of the most basic services sour. Here at Hanoi Airport Taxi we seek to provide tourists and locals with exactly what they’re looking & paying for… and when it comes to transportation, that’s safety, reliability and efficiency.

Whether coming from Noi Bai Airport into the city or booking out a multi-day tour around the northern countryside, Hanoi Airport Taxi offers private transportation services without the headaches of traditional taxi groups. Our aim is to bring back that traditional hospitality alongside safe and reliable services that get our customers exactly where they want to go. This means no extra charges, no road, toll fees or hidden costs- what you see is what you get… and also what you pay for!

We offer a series of different routes and destinations all for set prices so our customers know exactly what they’re paying for. In addition to these set costs, we also offer day trips and multi-day hires with prices that can be agreed upon before taking off on the trip. That way budgeting and costs can be completely set before embarking on your trip.

Here at Hanoi Airport Taxi our initial concept and foundation has grown and developed into our business and passion. Hiring only the most conscientious drivers, buying only top-rate vehicles and employing truly caring staff that seeks to make a difference with their work, we make sure all aspects of our business (and your encounters) are covered. Free yourself of transport worry and deceit when coming into Hanoi and traveling the surrounding regions- we promise to give you exactly what you’re looking for… and maybe even a bit more!

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