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Avoiding the Airport Scams: Get Into Hanoi Safely

Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi is one of the country’s most unique and alluring destinations. Over 1,000 years old, Hanoi is overflowing with history, culture, delicious food, mesmerizing sites and interesting day trips. For visitors who have already frequented Hanoi, its endless attractions and little “surprises” are nothing new. However, for visitors who are coming into the capital city for the first time via Noi Bai International Airport (the north’s major hub), there are a few things to take note of.

Accessing Hanoi from the Airport
First of all, Hanoi’s city center (where most first-time tourists will be frequenting) is not actually that close to the airport. While there is a new road being built connecting the city center with Noi Bai, the drive in can often take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. Prior to the new road, the access route into the city can also seem a bit… disconcerting. Changing multiple highways, turning off into dark underpasses, most initial visitors automatically feel as if they are being taken for the proverbial “ride.” For the most part, this isn’t the case- the way into Hanoi has historically been a bit “roundabout.”

Beware of Dishonest Taxi Companies!
Unfortunately, many tourists who don’t know their way to/from Hanoi can be taken advantage of without even knowing it. Unless you have pre-booked a pickup with your hotel or through our Hanoi Airport Taxi services, there is a good chance that you could be taken advantage of. So-called metered taxis await unsuspecting tourists at the arrivals area of Noi Bai, scheming inflated rates or operating faulty meters. Unless you agree before hand on what the final cost of the ride into the city will be, there’s a good chance the final price will shock you! Taxis taking advantage of tourists can charge huge prices (far beyond the normal cost) in addition to charging for “parking” or “toll” fees- costs that should not be paid by the passenger.

Another taxi airport scheme that visitors should be wary of is being brought to the “wrong” hotel. There are many hotels in Hanoi, some of which operate under the exact same or nearly the exact same name! It’s often the case that these “fake” hotels are scheming with the deceitful taxi companies, bringing customers to the wrong hotel and receiving high commissions for doing so.

How to Avoid Being Scammed
The safest way to steer clear of being taken advantage of is to pre-book your transport both in and out of the city center. If your hotel doesn’t provide you free transport to and from Noi Bai, contact us at Hanoi Airport Taxi. We assure you the absolute best price for transport, a completely safe and “scam free” ride, no extra charges and a smooth entrance into and exit out of the city. Here at Hanoi Airport Taxi we know how important first impressions truly are- that’s why we don’t want any visitors coming into our beloved capital and having their first impressions be negative!
Whether you’re coming for the first time as a visitor or reside in the capital city, our services are truly second to none. Book ahead with Hanoi Airport Taxi… you won’t regret it!

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