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About us

Don’t let a bad transportation experience spoil your time in Hanoi… Book with Hanoi Airport Taxi- safe, efficient, reliable & cost-saving transportation! Hanoi Airport Taxi is Hanoi’s leading private transportation provider. Our business concept was driven by 10+ years’ experience in the tourism industry and a strong desire to provide domestic and foreign travelers safe, reliable transport. We at Hanoi Airport Taxi believe our guests’ health and safety should always be at top priority; that means no “meter scamming,” no roundabout routes or any other tricks of the “taxi trade”.

Fair Prices, Safe & Courteous Drivers!

Whether traveling solo or in a large group, Hanoi Airport Taxi can provide you with transportation at a fraction of the standard industry price. From 4 to 29 seat vehicles, all modes of transport have ample personal space, air-conditioning, insurance and professional, licensed drivers. No matter when or where you are traveling to/from, Hanoi Airport Taxi can pick you up or drop you off in the necessary location… and on time!

While many prices are set (Hanoi Center to Noi Bai Airport), Hanoi Airport Taxi also provides transportation to a number of different locations. We also offer private car hires, day trips and multi-day excursions all at excellent rates.If you’re planning a special trip, don’t hesitate to contact our Hanoi Airport Taxi staff for a free quote.

Why Choose Hanoi Airport Taxi?

There are too many stories of tourists (both domestic and foreign) getting “ripped off” during their time in Hanoi. Whether traveling inside the city at night or visiting the city for the first time from the airport, many guests don’t realize that they are being taken advantage of by scamming taxi drivers. That’s why Hanoi Airport Taxi has all their guests book transport ahead of time, operates off set prices and guarantees safe arrival and departure. Our drivers are friendly, courteous and safely observe the rules of the road, so you don’t have to worry about hanging on to the edge of your seat when driving to your hotel!

In addition to stress-free transport, Hanoi Airport Taxi also offers some of the lowest transport costs in the city. So you can rest assured that you’re reaching your final destination at a cost that everyone can be happy with. We believe your time in Hanoi should reflect the beauty, culture, hospitable air and positive aspects of the capital. Book your transport ahead of time with Hanoi Airport Taxi- you won’t regret your decision!

Our available modes of transport:

5-Seater Vehicle: Our four-seat sedan is perfect for individuals or small families. Initial rates are as low as $12.00 per car; ample personal space, luggage storage in trunk and air conditioning.

7-Seater Vehicle: Our 7-seat minivan/SUV is a great choice for travelers/small groups who need a bit more personal room or luggage space. Base rates start at only $13.00 per car; ample trunk space, fold-down seats for larger bags, air-conditioning.

16-Seater Vehicle: Our 16-seat vehicles are modern, air-conditioned luxury vans. They are an excellent option for mid-sized groups or travelers carrying overweight or oversized baggage. Base prices starting at $17.00.

29-seater Vehicle: the largest available vehicle in our fleet. Available in mini-bus size, this spacious ride is the perfect fit for mid to large sized group travel. Our Hyundai County is spacious, comfortable and keeps cool even in the hottest months! Prices start as low as $37.00.

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